International Degree Pathway


Credit Transfer Arrangement
At UCSI, this arrangement is called International Degree Pathway (IDP). It provides students the flexibility of transferring courses pursued at UCSI University to various international universities overseas, thereby enabling them to obtain degree from any one of our partner universities. Students have to complete 1 year or 2 years at UCSI University and the remaining studies at their chosen university overseas.

A Wide Variety of Programs
Our partner universities offer wide variety of programs.  These programs included Biomedical Science, Drug Design & Development, Food Science & Technology, Human Nutrition, Actuarial Maths, Commerce, Economics, Logistics Management, Aerospace Engineering , Robotics, Media & Communication, Television Studies and many more.

Well-Known Overseas Universities
There are more than 100 high ranking universities worldwide accepting UCSI credits. We have collaboration with the universities in United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, USA and etc.

Affordable Cost
IDP program enable students to obtain overseas degrees with a lower tuition fees. Students can save the tuition fees up to 50%.

How to Enrol
There are 6 easy steps to apply for IDP program, please click here for more details.